School for Submission wasn't an easy title to get off the ground; but in the end I was lucky enough to be contacted by John Gallagher, and we were finally rolling.  His style, as you can see, is rather different from that of Paul Naring, my long-time collaborator on Barbarienne and Sabina, Mistress of Escapes for Eros Comix, but it proved highly effective here, as I hope you will agree.

Below you'll see not only a sample page of art - you cn also see John's original thumbnail sketch for it!  For page 3 (the one you see without "mouse roll-over") I see I added the comment "Morocco only" to panel one, so that she would be alone in the doorway; John's arrow to panel two has the note "I will close in on this panel to make sure the books are legible", and for panel four "The bookcase I have already drawn on page 6 makes it impossible to put a window on this wall."
John added an extra panel to the first page, the first panel of the comic in fact (not shown here) - my note suggests "put Angela's speech balloon in as a caption with inverted commas", which I think would have worked better than keeping it wordless.  I soon found out that John was an admirer of the art of Guido Crepax, and adjusted my scripting style to include small inset "detail" panels...